Weight Loss – What to do if your weight loss stops

Do not “normal” setpoints and weight loss plateau is to stop your weight loss plans.You have been at a time carefully for weeks lost weight and suddenly everything comes to a standstill. Even if you applied to all of them can still happen. No matter what you do, remain the same on the scale. They determined at a time, or a plateau.

This happens to everyone. It is a normal and unavoidable problem. Your system is working hard to keep the energy intake (food) and output (basal metabolic rate and exercise) in a very delicate balance. We all want to weight loss, but our body interprets the weight loss than hunger. It turns our metabolism. Our bodies are designed to protect yourself from everything that interferes with our survival. Keep your breathing as you read the next paragraph or two and you’ll be another body function, which is built up to see you alive.

Think about it, our ancestors 10,000 years ago ate when they found food. Days could go by without eating. Those who were able to save energy, so stick to the fat, were the ones who lived. So we are programmed for lean times that are not in these days to save our fat very often.

It takes fewer calories to maintain your weight because you weigh less easy. To lose one pound per week, you need at least 500 calories per day at the end less than you need to maintain your weight. This is due to eating less and / or more sports. This “setpoints” can be very frustrating for us.Here all others are to slow for weight loss and even stop:

  • normal physiological resistance to weight loss
  • Genetic predispositions
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Error in the choice of food, parts and preparations
  • Bored or tired

What should you weigh? Expectations Versus Reality:

expectations are unrealistic? If you compare yourself to the bone thin celebrities on television or what you weighed in high school, maybe your expectations are unrealistic

genetic predisposition cause weight areas where many people :.

70% of the weight change of the people can be explained by inheritance, which means that a tendency towards a certain weight more than almost any other inherited tendency, except perhaps the height. But they are in the vicinity. If you are a parent overweight you chance of being overweight is 50:50, when both parents are obese to 80:20 or more increases. It boils down to that the best predictor of what you will be weighted, what your parents weighed. That does not mean we all give up when we were born obese parents, we just have to be cautious and try harder

weight loss is proportional to the initial weight :.

For an individual who weighs 200 £, it will be easier to five pounds to lose, as for the person with a weight of 150 £. This is normal and to be expected.

It is normal to slow weight loss

Our response to “hunger” or what the body looks like “Hunger” plays a major role in the holding body at preschool -determined levels

Personal setpoint :.

Everyone has genetically setpoints in their weight, where they “comfortable” and resist change. Often it is the weight at which you might have achieved in a previous weight loss attempt. It’s hard for anyone to break out of these setpoints

depletion of vitamins and minerals .:

Weight loss is not only associated with reduction in body fat, but also some loss of muscle mass. Inevitably, many vitamins and fine chemicals such as vitamins and co-enzymes are needed to break down fat also exhausted. Once you have discovered the reasons slow weight loss for you, and understand that it is normal, you will be more anxious and less re-examine your diet and exercise situation. You might make a few mistakes, which may change. They are always there.