5 Main Reasons For Weight Gain

The phrase weight loss is very popular in today's society. It seems as though many Americans are on a never ending cycle of testing different weight loss methods. We talk openly about ways of getting rid of weight, yet seldom do we examine the underline reasons for the weight gain in the first place.

There are many reasons for weight gain. This is a subject people do not really like to discuss. There are five main reasons known to create massive weight gain in our bodies. These reasons are so common in our lives that we do not give them a second thought as to being associated with weight gain.

The number one reason is being in love. Getting to know someone is a beautiful thing. It's a time when a lot of different avenues are being explored and a person in love are more open to doing certain things a bit differently than normally accustomed to such as their eating habits. Being with a person for a long length of time, we usually adapt to some of their ways and habits. In our quest to please the other person, we often make make decisions decisions. Especially concerning the way we should eat. Oh, what we do for love!

Another reason we see climbing weight is not getting enough sleep. We tire out our bodies doing everyday activities. When we fail to nap or exercise, lack of proper sleep then prevails our bodies from producing the needed amount of certain cells. Therefore causing the body to put on weight.

Instead of the body awaking energized and relaxed it is actually still stressed, which is the third most common reason for weight gain. People are living hectic lives these days. They are being rolled in several directions all at once. Every activity seems to be happening at a speed of light pace. Economic conditions appears to be causing additional anxiety. Stress does not target any particular group, we all encounter some level of stress.

However, the fourth reason does target a certain group of women. Menopause is a huge reason for excessive gain of weight in women. An increase in appetite and lack of sufficient exercise are the real reason menopausal women put on those extra pounds.

Although men are not menopausal, they do fall into this last category at a rather high rate. Medicine and illness is the final most common reason that people increase in body fat. Prescription drugs such as steroids are being consumed by patients daily. Although steroids are phenomenal in helping countless symptoms to improve, it also creates a problem. One side effect is causing swelling in the body, and in most cases major weight gain occurs.

When people are stuck with an illness, they become depressed and neglect to do the things needful to be at their best. There is failure to exercise, failure to eat right and neglect to slow down enough to relax and energize.

The five main reasons for weight gain can be avoided or reduced by putting the above suggestions into positive practice. Remember, you can only do one thing at a time. Slow down and love yourself enough to create true happiness, great health and prosperity.