As you like, here's the format of facts about me ◦ I'm 22 years old …

❁ As requested, the facts come with facts about me ❁ ◦ I am 22 years ◦ 167 cm tall
◦ I have a clear, long hair
◦ I have blue eyes
◦ I have an eating disorder, depression and social phobia
◦ I live in a village and I love it
◦ I have a friend
◦ I've been with my friend for 6 years
◦ I want to lose weight
◦ I now weigh 54 kg
◦ The first wish my weight is less than 50 kg, preferably 48 kg
◦ I would then try to keep my weight and never get over 50 kg again
◦ Last year in September, I weighed 48 kg
◦ I wish I could be happy with myself sometime
◦ I have some friends, but only about 5 belong to people in my heart
◦ I keep handwritten diaries
◦ I work for the lawyer
◦ I have a warm warm shower / hot shower
◦ I am an absolute animal lover
◦ I have a domestic cat and a "farm dog"
◦ I love cats and dogs
◦ I'm always tired, I could sleep around the clock
◦ I love nature
◦ I do not like city life. Too many and too much noise
◦ I have some shoes and furniture
◦ I can not save
◦ My favorite colors are pink and salmon
◦ I have a brother who is two years old
◦ I'm a family member
◦ I'm someone who can go well and like to be alone
◦ While others celebrate their lives in the festival hall this weekend, I'm at home looking for a series
◦ Occasionally, but very rarely I also go to celebrate
◦ I have a Wacken Open Air Festival
◦ I'm at the Air Beat One festival next year
◦ I am in Spain almost every year
◦ I like spending my money on family and friends by giving them something
◦ I like drinking and a lot of tea
◦ I like taking pictures but not me ➢ Because I can not think anything anymore, I stop and add something on the occasion 🙂 Of course you can ask me whatever you want ❤️