Best Over the Counter Weight Loss Pill

The best over the counter weight loss pills are not the ones you might think. They are not marketed as weight loss pills yet they have amazing fat burning quantities. You do not even have to go to a pharmacy or drug store to get these.

Before we kick off, just remember that weight loss pills only HELP fat loss, they do not actually lose the weight for you.

There has been NOTHING invented that will lose body fat without you having to do SOMETHING to help it.

Many weight loss pills are just appetite suppressors, but when you do not eat, your metabolism drops, which is bad. This means that your body burns less fat. The secret is to eat more of the right foods and use exercise to burn off the fat for a double attack on the body fat.

Best OTC Weight Loss Pills:

Caffeine: coffee without sugar or caffeineine pills boost your metabolism, which burns higher percentages of fat. This is especially true if you have a caffeine hit just before a workout. Body builders used to use caffeine and asprin pills together to raise metabolism even further, but this is not considered too healthy as it raises the heart rate and blood pressure.

MCT Oils: These can be taken in pill form or just as a tea spoon full. MCT oils are very low calorie, they are burnt up straight away for fat storage, are an appetite suppressor so if you eat a tea spoon at the end of your meal, you will not feel like snack on junk food.

Multi Vitamin: The average person gets sick 3 times a year with varying severity. It takes the average common cold 2 weeks to do a full cycle in your body (from the starting sniffs to the full blown cold to getting over it). While you are in this state, you can not eat effectively, but more importantly can not exercise properly. A good multi such as Country Life Multi 100 will prevent you getting sick in the first place.

If you are serious about burning fat, let me help you starting today, no more beating around the bush just good old fashioned real advice, none of this fluffy cutting corners crap that people are promoting now days.