Diet Programs For Weight Loss Plans

Diet programs play important role in any weight loss plans. Without proper diet programs, a weight loss plans could not be carried out successfully although you have put efforts in your exercising programs. Diet programs can be divided into several categories, it depends on your body type, your life style, and of course, on your pleasure.

Undeniable, we can get online diet programs as a free reference when planning for our weight loss plans. For example, you shall take fruits for your lunch, replace your dinner with whey protein powder, and etc. Hereby I would like to share my experience on how to plan a diet plans for yourself.

Calories Intake

Maybe you are struggling now on how much calories you shall consume per day for your diet plans. It is tiring to mull over every single food about its nutrition facts. Let us make it simple – If you are following any weight loss plans with diet programs, I suggest that you consume at about 2000 – 2500 calories per day to sustain your daily routine.

Do not very specific to calculate the provided calories from every single food that you consumed. Weight loss plans will be tedious and exhausted if you make yourself bored. If you have no idea on what kind of food that you shall consider for your diet programs, I strongly recommended that please refer to food pyramid! Obviously, you have to consume more fibre, carbohydrates, and some protein, instead of considering high trans-fat, junk food and fast food in your diet plans.

From the food pyramid, you can start to plan your weight loss plans. For example, if you used to have deep fried food for your lunch, but now you know it is bad for your diet programs, therefore you can try to replace it with the food at the lowest hierarchy – bread, oat, rice and etc.


Breakfast is the most important meal in your weight loss plans. This is because our body needs the most input and energies at this moment. But it does not mean that we could eat as much as we want. For the effectiveness of diet programs, I suggest that you can have bread (plain or oat), soya bean / fresh milk, an boiled egg without yolk, some high fibre fruits (kiwi, apple and etc). Try to avoid heavy meals such as pork chop, cake, fast food as your breakfast. It will spoil your weight loss plans.


At the moment for your weight loss plans, you are advised to take adequate amount of rice, bread, or spaghetti (low hierarchy food), some vegetable, with an egg (without yolk) as your main course. Furthermore, take a glass of fruit juice will help you digest better. If you are too busy with your work, you can prepare yourself whey-protein shake, with some fruits, it could be done as well.


You will be surprised if you included tea-break in your weight loss plans. Tea-break is optional. I suggest tea-break in your weight loss plans because I assume that you will have your exercise session in the evening (says 5.30pm), you may consume some fruits (I suggest banana) with pieces of high-fibre biscuits before 2 hours of your exercise session. It provides you energy during your workout.


For your diet programs, you may reduce your carbohydrates intake for your dinner. This is because the extra carbohydrates intake will store as body fat when we have our bed time after 3-4 hours. I suggest that you have more vegetable, with a bowl of soups (recommended fish soups) for your dinner. Shall we avoid any meat or poultry in diet programs? Not really, if you really cannot succumb to the temptation, I suggest you to have meat in your lunch only. Remember, what have you paid off for your weight loss plans, the result is guaranteed will be fruitful.

My two cents

Do not ever starve yourself throughout the weight loss plans. It does not mean to starve yourself to slim down your body. The consequences of your outlook from starving is: You will still look like a fat guy or girl, but just in smaller size, no more than that. Do not give up. Do not take a designed diet programs for granted. You must responsible for yourself. What we can do for you only providing you some cheers, opinions, advices for your diet programs. The one who practice it – YOU.

Motivation – you may feel bored and difficulties though out your plans. You may think of giving up. Therefore, you have to know how to motivate yourself in order to bring yourself to another level of your diet programs with your weight loss plans. Good luck.