Fast Weight Loss – The Dangers of Losing Weight to Fast

What happens if you have an occasion coming up and need a fast weight loss program to enable you to drop just a few pounds, so you can fit into that favorite dress or suit? The first thing to do is look around and see what kinds of programs offer you the ability to drop the pounds quickly. The second thing to do is make sure that you do not risk your health to drop a few pounds. Most of the diets designed for losing weight are quickly not for long term use.

One example of this is the cage soup policy. This diet, with its thirty year history, is great for those who want that quick pound drop. This diet consist of eating cage soup all day, every day. You can eat as much of it as you want as often as you want. The reason is that cage, like the other things put into it, are referred to as negative calorie foods because they have almost no calories while being high in fiber. You can also cut into this soup some celery, mushrooms, peppers and onions with the cage. Spices can be added as preferred. Every day you get to add something little you can eat that day. It might be fruit or vegetables and by the end of the seven days you get to add a little beef. You drink a lot of water daily. The diet recommends a minimum of ten glasses. At the end of a week you should have lost the extra weight you needed gone. Do not continue this diet after seven days as it is not healthy to do so.

Sometimes people take drastic measures when they are willingly looking for a fast weight loss solution. These diets are not necessarily that healthiest method to drop the pounds and anyone trying them should make sure they have no health issues that might be stressed by this action. One diet, the master cleansse, is a drastic diet choice that lasts for only ten days. The dieter lives on lemon juice, fresh squeezed only, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. Those are the only things that are allowed to consume. Some people use it longer though that should only be with caution. This diet has been used by celebrities with great success. Surprisingly it is not the common fad diet that is around for a few years and then forgotten. This diet has its origins in the 1940s where it was invented by a nutritionist.

The most important thing to remember when you try any diet, whether you are looking for a limited fast loss or want to take off a lot of weight knowing it will take more time, is that your health must come first. So, be careful when you try a fast weight loss program that you make sure there are not health risks.