Find the Easiest Weight Loss Programs

When you consider how many weight loss plans there are on the market today, it's not surprising that many of us plow our way through dozens of them without actually finding one that works. So how can we narrow down those dozens of diet plans and zoom in on the one that really helps us lose weight easily?

When you're looking for a weight loss plan it of course goes without saying that you want to lose weight but consider that loss of excess weight. For instance, do you want rapid weight loss regardless of the health problems it may cause or do you want to lose weight and keep it off? Are you happy to spend hours weighing out and cooking meals as well as finding 'odd' ingredients or do you want to eat everyday foods?

If you're like me, you want a diet plan that requires no special foods and will actively make you healthier in the long-term. I do not want to endanger my health with quick fixes and pills; none of us do surely? I must admit though that when I saw 'The Diet Solution Program', I thought 'ok, here's another one … yawn' but to be honest, when I sat down and read Isabel De Los Rios's weight loss plan and her own story , it stuck me as being a genuine, easy to use program that actively encourages healthy eating for life as well as fat loss that goes fast and more importantly, places off.

The Diet Solution Program is based on how our bodies deal with insulin and how foods that manipulate insulin levels can either put put weight on or take it off. The book makes this claim, 'Regulate your insulin = Fast and Permanent FAT LOSS'.

This is not a new concept; Atkins made much of the effect of insulin too but the Diet Solution program does not suggest gorging on bacon and eggs to achieve weight loss. Indeed, the best weight loss plans do not need strange diet regimes and The Diet Solution Program does not either.

Easy weight loss is perhaps an oxymoron because it's never 'easy' to restrict what you eat or eat to tiny quantities is it? But The Diet Solution Program looks to present what we all want and need; easy prep, easy implementation and sensible foods. De Los Rios further states that, 'If my 65 year old, Type 2 Diabetic mother can lose 40 lbs and completely eliminate her insulin shots and medicines, you can do it too.'

Many fat loss plans will claim to balance out your insulin levels in order to achieve weight loss but as mentioned earlier, many of them are radical and unhealthy regimes so if De Los Rios's claims regarding her own fat loss and that of her mother are to be believed, she might really have hit upon the answer we've all been waiting for – an easy to follow, well balanced, healthy diet plan.