Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss, Three Handy Ideas

If you are struggling with a diet and find that the largest obstacle to losing weight is snacking between meals then you are not alone. High calorie deep fried and salted snacks are the enemy (not forgetting chocolate bars too).

You are desperate to lose weight but hate dieting because you get the nibbles. Let me put three ideas your way.

1) High sugar foods feel great for only a short time. You get that sugar rush but after a short while it is out of your system and you want more. This is a vicious circle and hard to break.

The good news is that there is an answer. Find a snack that fills you up but is low in calories. Fruit is ideal for this. Apples are particularly high in fiber and low in calories. Bananas also are good. Bananas are actually the only fruit to contain sucrose (others have fructose) but natural sugars are about all that fruit contains that would do any harm.

For much the same reason raw vegetables are great too. If you have the time you can also blend fruit and vegetables into smoothies. Pick according to your own taste and sometimes add some low fat yoghurt to add some protein and minerals.

2) High fat, heavily salted snack foods are wrong in all sorts of ways. Do not get me wrong they can be tasty but if you are serious about losing weight they must be classed as an occasional treatment. They contain carbohydrates, all the wrong fats and plenty of salt. Not agreat recipe for a healthy new slimline you.

An alternative would be nuts (raw unsalted) which contain healthy fats and oils and are quite filling. They are also high in minerals which the body needs to function properly.

Seeds are also a great option, pumpkin particularly is good but whatever you can find on the store shelves will do nicely.

3) Three meals a day never sees enough! No wonder you feel hungry between meals and turn to snacks.

Why not admit defeat then and actually plan more meals in the day. (you could even call the extra ones healthy snacks for weight loss). If you plan out your meals, paying attention to calorie take then there is no reason to stick to a rigid three a day routine. It makes it far easier to get through the day knowing that another meal is just around the corner.