Healthy Weight Loss – Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

The other part of the health equation and secret to weight loss is to only spend your time doing the exercises that work. I only have so much time to owe to my own workout program, and I'm sure you do not have an extra couple of hours everyday either. So, the trick is to maximize the time you do have. If it's 30 minutes, why are you going to hop on a treadmill or go for a slow run? Although there's nothing wrong with that, you'll only burn about 300 calories and that's if you're cranking. I'm also not a fan of the repetitive motion injuries that occurs from not being in proper alignment when you run. I find it crazy how many people are trying to run through the pain!

Remember, it's little steps done through the day that add up to huge results. That's the last key to success, lifestyle. Your lifestyle should be a realistic, but focused, routine where you know what foods you should choose 9 out of 10 times and when your workouts will take place.

This is easier than you think to accomplish.

Every night before you go to bed just mentally note what your healthy day will consist of tomorrow:

  1. Where, when, and what will you be eating?
  1. When, where, and how will you be exercising?
  1. How will the decisions you make tomorrow take you 1 step closer to your ideal body?

Losing weight and feeling great come easy when you have a step-by-step plan outlining your success.