Healthy Weight Loss Regimen

If you are going to follow any type of diet to lose weight, it is extremely imperative that you choose one that is healthy, safe, and sustainable for the long-term. Here are some tips on how to distinguish between a healthy weight loss regimen and an unhealthy one:

1. You should not lose muscle mass while on the diet. You should only lose water weight and you should be burning fat directly.

2. You should not starve or go hungry while you are on a diet.

3. You should not eliminate any essential nutrients from your body that your body needs in order to function properly. This includes carbohydrates.

4. Your diet should require you to drink a significant amount of water.

5. You diet should allow for you to eat adequate amounts of food from all four food groups.

6. You should never eat until you are full at any meal. You should only eat until you are satisfied.

7. You should be able to eat at least 3 to 4 times every day.

8. You should not be losing more than a few pounds a week after the first two weeks. During the first two weeks, it is normal to lose a significant amount of weight, but this should taper off. You should not be losing tens of pounds every month, unless your diet plan allows you to take a break for a few days to give your body a rest, before you go back on the rapid-weight loss regimen.

9. Your diet should not require you to eat more of one type of food than any other. Eg) the grapefruit diet.

10. Your diet should not require you to spend exorbitant amounts of money to follow it. You can follow any diet using common sense principles by spending modestly out of your existing grocery budget.