How Can I Get an Effective Weight Loss Plan?

Once, I was to attend a cousin's wedding. I had grown five pounds more than the navy blue suit I was to wear. I did not want to buy a new suit and the wedding was three weeks away. I needed to lose weight fast but I did not trust any of the diet plans around. I heard they make you give up your favorite food in a bid to cut down calories. I was not ready to give up my chicken and chocolate, so I went into quick research. Here's what I found:

You do not need to starve or live on vegetables to lose weight. You only need to cut down on the quantity that goes into your mouth. You can easily do that by drinking water before each meal. This would make you feel full in no time and you would not feel as if you have missed anything.

You can also lose weight fast by changing the time you have breakfast and dinner. Do you even eat breakfast at all? Between 7am and 7pm, your body metabolism is quite fast and you should take advantage of this. If you take breakfast between 7 and 9am, the food would break down fast and you would have enough energy to go through the day without feeling fatigued and stressed. You might discover that you do not need lunch.

Also avoid eating dinner late. After 7pm, the rate of metabolism slows down and it becomes hard to digest food. You should also take at least two liters of water daily. Water would help you cleanse your system and aid digestion.

These little things are like drops of water that would make a mighty ocean. They are simple and easy to do and they would help you lose weight in little time. By the way, I attended my cousin's wedding in that dark blue suit and I was the cynosure of all eyes.