How to Lose Weight Tips – 6 Tips on Achieving Weight Loss Nirvana

Here are 6 how-to-lose-weight tips to help you achieve weight loss nirvana:

  1. Never eat until you are too full at any meal. Eat just enough to satisfy your hunger. You need to develop an awareness of when you have ateen "enough" by paying attention to your stomach.
  2. Leave a sufficient gap in between each meal. Let your body finish digesting the food you just ate at your previous meal before you start filling your stomach again at your next meal. At least 2.5 to 3 hours is the minimum gap you should leave in between meals.
  3. Keep a food journal, tracking every single morsel of food or drink that you put into your mouth. This way you can maintain an awareness of whether you are eating the right foods, and how much you are eating.
  4. Drink a minimum of ten full glasses of water each and every day.
  5. You should eat several small meals per day (anywhere from four to six) rather than two or three large meals.
  6. Eat a balanced blend of food from all four of the major food groups: fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, breads, and dairy.

The common theme among all 6 of the above tips is to eat healthy foods while controlling your portion sizes, and holding yourself accountable for your weight loss by tracking what you eat.

If you are looking to start a diet but do not have a definitive plan of attack for how to lose weight, tips like these above are a good way to start producing some results, without having to follow a "real" diet.