Lift Weight to Lose Weight!

The evidence:

o Your daily caloric requirement is largely made up of how many pounds of lean body mass you have, specifically muscle

o Resistance training adds lean body mass, so as a result you burn more calories per day without any extra effort

o Although people tend to lose muscle as they age, weight training can halt and actually reverse this trend

o Resistance training in and of itself burns calories while you are exercising

o Interval weight training creates a significant metabolic spike which leads to additional calories burned throughout the day (EPOC).

To say lifting weights won’t help you lose weight is like saying gravity doesn’t exist. The more lean body mass you have, the more calories you will burn per day. Muscle requires energy and that energy comes in the form of calories.

When you combine resistance training with a proper nutritional program, you will have created a very potent fat burning stack. That’s the true secret to long-term maintenance and weight loss: exercise and nutrition.

Of course you can lose weight without working out, but you will do so at the expense of lean muscle and as a result slow your metabolism down at the same time. This pattern should remind you a lot of yo-yo dieting. Many people are so focused on losing weight at any cost that they don’t care at the time what form it comes in. Then when they go off the diet, they balloon back up, only this time to gain even more weight because they have effectively slowed their metabolism. When they return to a diet, they will have to eat even less calories to achieve the same weight loss as before… it’s a cycle that just continues until your body will eventually refuse to lose any more weight.

If only they had trained with weights in the first place, they could have avoided all these issues. So take the smart route and put in the extra effort by weight training 3-5x/week. You will discover life-long results that have you feeling and looking your best.

Committed to your success,