Safe Weight Loss

There are many safe weight loss myths about – here are some of them.

Myth 1

"If You Find The Words 'Reduced Fat' On A Food Label, Then It Means That The Product Is Definitely Healthy"

Having 'reduced fat' on a food label only means that the product will contain a minimum of 30% less fat compared to the regular product. However, because the regular product often contains very high amounts of fat, there may still be a relatively large amount of fat contained within the 'reduced fat' option. Check the labels carefully.

Myth 2

"Missing Breakfast Makes You Lose More Weight"

Breakfast is crucial – you've been sleeping for about 8 hours so you body requires nourishment. If you skip breakfast, two things will happen:

a) Your body will be tricked into thinking that you are actually starving, so it will hold on to the supplies of fat in your body as a self-protection mechanism.

b) By mid morning your energy levels will be extremely low and you may be tempted by a sugary snack to get a boost of energy. Or, by lunchtime the hunger could be so great, you just end up over-indulging.

Myth 3

"Proper Exercise Is The Only True Way You Can Burn Calories"

The truth is, every activity burns off calories. For example, if you vacuum for 20 minutes you can burn off around100 calories; the same applies if you iron for 20 minutes.

Line dancing for 60 minutes can burn off 300 calories. Laughing for 60 minutes can burn off 100 calories! Combine line dancing and laughing and you'll burn off 400 calories in an hour while having loads of fun!