The Keys to Healthy Weight Loss

Thousand if not hundreds of thousands of people have a desire to lose weight. There are several schools of thought about the proper way to approach it. There are decidedly healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight. This article will look at the healthy way to lose weight, and what to expect along the journey.

Weight loss is a confusing issue for many. One of the reasons for this is that money has clouded the issue. With marketing hitting the public from many different directions, many do not know where to begin. They may also have trouble separating fact from fiction. The good news is that there is a decidedly healthy way to lose weight. The bad news is that it takes the longest to achieve, but when done properly, it is almost always permanent.

Despite clever marketing, there is no quick fix for weight loss. There are numerous stories and reports about how crash diets do not work, and people gained all the weight right back. The best and healthiest approach is to make gradual changes. Your body responds best to gradual changes. Think about it, if you run around the block today, would you run a marathon tomorrow? Of course you would not. Why would it be any different when you are trying to lose weight?

The first gradual change should be to your diet. Begin to reduce calories before you do anything else. Get yourself used to eating less food. It is possible you will start to see some results from this alone. Once you have a handle on calorie restriction, start introducing healthy and better quality foods into your diet. What you are trying to do is make this a lifestyle change. When you feel out of sorts after making a change, back off a bit and make the change more gradual. If you are one of those who can change overnight, then by all means do so.

When you have a handle on what you are doing, start to introduce exercise. As with your diet, adapt to exercise gradually. Do what you can in the present, and increase when the time is right. Remember, this is not a race. The goal is permanent weight loss. In the long run is it going to matter if it takes 8 months or 1 year?

The important thing is to be consistent. You do have to want to do this. Even though the healthiest way to lose weight is to do so gradually, you are making severe lifestyle changes. These changes are preliminary, but you will notice them. Do not despair. Keep up what you are doing secure in the knowledge that you are doing something to promote you healthy lifestyle and that the weight loss will come. Best of all, the weight will not come back.