The Most Effective and Safe Weight Loss Guide

There are so many weight loss plans and programs out there. But people do not trust them anymore. This distrust is because most people have tried them and have not gotten the results they want. So what do you do when you want to lose weight? Do you just keep packing the excess weight or you look for an effective and safe guide to weight loss?

Losing weight is not hard. I would rephrase; losing weight should not be hard. The diet plans and programs seem hard to stick to because they make you stop eating your favorite dishes and stick to lean meat, salad and broth. That should not be! Losing weight should be fun. I would show you how you can lose weight without tears.

Have you been skipping breakfast, all in a bid to drop some calories? Start by eating your breakfast between 7 and 9am. Your body's digestive system functions very fast during this period and it would break down the food fast. You would then have enough to get you through the day and you would not have to binge in an attempt to refill your energy. When you do not eat enough food in the morning; you would not have energy for the day. In the afternoon; you would feel so tired, hungry and fatigued and this would make you overeat. To prevent you from eating too much and to reduce the calorie level in your body; you need to eat breakfast and see if you can skip lunch.

You should also try to eat dinner before 7pm. The rate at which your digestive system works after this time is slow and the food would not get digested on time. This would make it hard to transform glucose to energy and the food would end up as waste. Our colon would also be incapable to transfer the waste out, so it remains stored up around the belly and waist as fat. If you eat after 7pm; it would take long for the food to digest and this would place a strain on your digestive system. Also; the food you eat after 7pm would not be used as energy since you are no longer after this time. This food would end up as fat in your body.

The last tip I would give you is to drink water and drink water and drink water. This point can not be over emphasized, water is more than life. 70% of your body is made up of water. Water cleanses your colon and rinses it of toxins, so that it can function well. Water helps your digestive system work fast and well. If you do not make water an essential part of your diet; you would be doing bad to your health. Your colon would be dirty and filled with toxins that would prevent the passing away of waste. You would also find it hard to break down food and convert to energy or amino acids. For you to lose weight; your excretory and digestive systems have to be functioning optimally. For good health and weight loss; Ensure that you drink about eight glasses of water daily.