The Perricone Weight Loss Diet

I just read on this book called “The Perricone Weight-loss Diet”. Well you can guess that this book is written by some Perricone guy. Wel, not exactly Some Perricone guy. He is Dr Nicholas Perricone and he formulated this whole new dieting concept that may revolutionise the why diets work.

Dr Perricone is the author of three other number one New York Times bestsellers. He is a board certified clinical and research dermatologist and adjunct professor of medicine at the Michigan State Univeristy’s College of Human Medicine. He holds a lot more credentials. You can see that he is no simple Joe whom devise another diet plan without any scientific basis.

What is impressive about Dr Perricone’s weight-loss diet is that it isn’t only a weight-loss plan. This diet plan actually contains anti-aging formula as well. This kills “two fat birds with one stone”.

The thing I like about The Perricone Weight Loss Diet program is not just a diet plan, it also contains easy to follow lifestyle tweaks that will work hand in hand with the program. The best way to cut the fats is do have a multi-prong strategy, and this is what Dr Perricone is promoting.

Dr Perricone’s Diet program consisted of 3 parts.The first part consist of scientific information about the causes of weight problem and the mechanism behind it.

The second part consists of 3 steps. First step instructs you on the function of various component found in food and how can it help the body to loss weight. The second step provides you with supplements that you can use to enhance nutrition that food can only provide in limited quantity. The third step are various fitness activities that definitely promotes weight loss but doesn’t tire you off the whole day.

The third part is the actual Perricone weight-loss plan in full. It also consists of tips for weight loss.

Like what I always said, a good diet is a diet that doesn’t feel like much of diet, and this is what The Perricone Weight-loss Diet can achieve.