The Surest Weight Loss Plan Ever Invented

In all my years on earth, I am still to come across someone who has never felt uncomfortable about their looks. Not even the top models and movie stars. We all have imperfections and try our best to hide them. If you are overweight and not comfortable with it; there is a tendency for you to have low self esteem. You walk down the alley and believe everyone is watching at you because you are fat. It is often hard to cope with excess pounds, especially when you do not want them. That is why so many people are in search for the best and quickest way to lose weight.

This article contains tips for the best weight loss plan ever invented by man. You should not be scared of skipping meals or giving up your chicken, turkey, chocolate, pizza or French fries. You would only need to change some eating habits.

First up; make sure you eat breakfast from now on. Between 7 and 9am, the rate at which your body's digestive functions is high and I want you to tap into that. When you eat breakfast, here's what happens; the food breaks down fast and energy is created. You would then have ample fuel for the day and would be able to run about your daily business without feeling fatigued or hungry. Most people who do this, end up skipping lunch and saving calories without feeling a pinch.

Second point to note; drink water and forget about the sodas and juice. Do not be deceived, the only drink that does not contain calories is water. Sodas and juice and diet drinks all contain preservatives, sodium etc. that add calories to your diet and make your system acidic. When your system is acidic, your body would retain water in a bid to dilute the acid. The result of this is that you would have what is called 'water weight'. Asides that, water greatly helps digestion and excretion and cleanses your organs of toxins. Drink about 8 glasses of water every day and see the difference that would make.

The last point on your weight loss plan should be the inclusion of exercise into your every day life. The easiest and fastest way to burn calories is to move your muscles. This should be fun; there are so many aerobic activities that would help you drop some pounds in no time. Make sure that each week, your body is on move for about 90 to 140 minutes.