Weight Loss – Sneaky Ways To Burn More Calories

Looking to increase your calorie burn? You may think of the most commonly used tactics – extra exercise, cleaning up your diet and so on. And while these can work well, they are not, by far, the only means to boost your total calorie burn. It turns out there are some other ways to increase how many calories you expend in a 24 hour period to enhance your overall weight loss results.

Curious what you can get started with? Let us have a quick peek…

1. Drink Cold Water. First, try making the glass of water you drink an extra cold one. Just lowering the temperature of the water you drink will cause you to expend more calories.

Add a few extra ice cubes to add to this effect. As an added benefit, many people will drink more glasses of water if it is extra cold, so this may just help you get your hydration needs met as well.

2. Take More Cold Showers. Along with the principle of drinking cold water, you might also want to consider taking a cold shower as well. A cold shower can be an excellent way to boost how many calories you expend. Your body will work harder to raise its internal temperature when exposed to cold water, increasing your metabolic rate.

3. Watch A Comedy. Possibly the most fun way to burn extra calories is by watching a comedy movie. Laughing will cause your abdominal muscles to work harder, thus strengthening your core and melting fat at the same time.

While you may not burn as many calories doing this as you would when taking part in a traditional cardio session, it will add up.

4. Donate Blood. Finally, why not do something good and donate blood? Most people do not realize this but donating blood can burn massive calories – over 600 in fact. This is because as you lose a reasonable amount of blood, your body will have to work harder to replace it, a process that utilizes extra energy.

While you cannot donate blood daily, if you do give blood as often as you can, it will add up. Plus you will be helping someone in need.

So consider these tactics next time you are looking to boost your calorie burn and shed a few extra pounds. Do not always think you have to rely on just exercise to do the job for you.