Weight Loss Through Weight Lifting – A Beginner's Guide

If you feel that your physical condition is not exactly as you would wish it was because you have extra fat, you should consider losing it through weight lifting. Many people associate weight building with body builders, but this should not be taken as a way to get very muscular and strong. Controlled weight lifting is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it down. It is suitable for people over the age of 12, both male and female.

Step 1: get clearance from a doctor
Before getting into the weightlifting program, it is vital to get a medical clearance from a doctor to be sure that you have no unknown or undering issues with your health that may pose a risk while training. Even if you feel or look perfectly fine, it is always advisable to get this clarification to be sure that you will be in a position to exercise regularly that may be applied on you by your trainer.

Step 2: Start with three to four dumbbell weightlifting sessions
If you have easy access to weightlifting machines at the gym, you can easily do dumbbell lifting casually at first. This can be three to four sessions to start with but you can increase with time. At home, you can perform dumbbell sessions while watching TV or listening to music to help you take your mind off the strain.

Step 3: Move more even when not exercising
At times when you are not training, it is beneficial to physically move more because it also contributes to your weight loss. For instance, at your place of work or college, if you have to get to a higher floor in a storey building, you should take the stairs instead of the lift. When you have extra time at home in the evening, walk the dog or jog to burn more calories.

Step 4: Walk more often
You should mix walking with jogging whenever you can. You can start small; walking for ten minutes a day for the first week and increase this to about one hour in your third or fourth week. You can do this either outside in the park, around the neighborhood or using a treadmill.

Step 5: Perform Circuit training sessions
A good circuit program combines dumbbell weightlifting with rapid movements between exercises. At the beginning, you can perform one circuit program each week, then two, three up to six sessions a week when your body is fully adapted to the training.

Along these training programs, it is vital that you eat healthy food to avoid gaining the same calories you burn in your training exercises. The basis of healthy eating should be:

i) Your meals should have moderately low fat but with high fiber contents. Animal fats should be kept at the minimum.
ii) Do away with refined food like cakes, sugar drinks sweets, biscuits and white bread
iii) Maintain a low-carb diet but do not go too low either. You need energy for daily practice but ensure that the food you take contains good fat.
iv) Instead of yogurt, soy, cheese or full-fat milk, choose low fat dairy products in your diet.
v) Eat lots of fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, grain bread and cereals.
vi) Always go for lean, low fat meat or vegetarian meals. Keep the consumption of fast foods to the minimum.