Hypnotherapy & MindSlim Program – – Well maybe the part you want to know …

💥Hypnotherapy & MindSlim Program💥 –
– waveWell maybe those things you want to know, insofar as you understand that the MindSlim program that I developed is thinking programming to lose weight, focusing on dynamic changes, so the kilo will follow. –
– ✅ Implementation of Hypnotherapy in MindSlim Program: –
1️⃣ Address the relationship between stress and unnecessary eating (stop mind)

2️⃣ Overcoming drugs as a form of thinking relationship with certain foods / beverages (Stop desire)

3️⃣ Overcome Patience Exercise / Exercise, so with hypnotherapy you will be motivated within your self without forcing.

4️⃣ Overcome unpleasant emotions in the body because often it is uncomfortable feeling –
In addition, this hypnotherapy helps to improve MOTIVATION and FOCUS to be consistent with the Slim Lifestyle changes.

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