My spirit contains you This tumultuous mother is a stomach …. Is a sign of a …

My spirits contain you
This stomach in the womb … It is a sign of every breath you breathe,
Every blink of the big eyes preparing to see the world,
Every little lip movement that evaporates because you are sleepy is the sun all day long.
Every suction duct you can do there.
Every time you choke until you find it.
Even a symbol of your wonderful dreams with a never-be-separated mother.
Now this amazing mother is no longer beautiful,
Some even say that your stomach is not beautiful anymore.
Same, my mother is ready because this stomach was your cradle.
And that's the place where a mother thought from within,
Until the mother is strong enough to carry you with your own tangab.
Therefore, though, this chaotic mother's stomach.
Mom looked at her as something very beautiful and kept millions of beautiful memories.
Hopefully read and feel fun to be a disegerkan get a child. Amin ya god …
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