Still not too late to take part in all you have to do is to: 1. Click the link to register …

Still not too late to participate in all you have to do is:
1. Click the link to sign up
2. Download the application
3. Stand on a digital scale with code words today (do not worry you can hide your personal body weight)
4. Then someone has taken a full body image on a scale
5. Weigh on January 28, and if you lose 4% of your body weight, you win your additional money and% of those who lose their bet or fail to reach their goal!
KM fitness will also enable you to set up a good nutritional plan and free online training … In addition to fulfilling your goals, we will also offer a free week of workout with your own personal trainer and free ID of food samples from nutritional products like energy, sleepers and protein shocks! You have nothing to lose except those unwanted pounds! Click on the link and start today! #weightloss #dietbet #keenanmedicalfitness