By the time the picture was left I was taken to wear jeans and …

By the time the picture was left, I stopped wearing jeans and pants as often as I used to use the big swirl that was around my body. I started wearing leggings and dresses instead and felt them much more comfortable and flattering. I remember seeing the flower kimono from the middle of the movie and thinking how wonderful it was so I was excited to go out with jeans but then when I saw this picture I was afraid of how I looked. What's scary is that every three months, my weight still reminds me that I'm not on my biggest here. Eighteen months after the picture was taken and I lost over five and a half stones on Slimming World for the past eleven months. Finally, I find that I can wear a lot of clothes that I have not been able to consider before. The picture to the right is from yesterday – for the first time I've been wearing pants at work forever and that made the change. As I get closer, I look forward to finding even more clothes that I can wear in the next few months!
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