What's crazy for me to think about is how my different lifestyle is now compared to …

What is crazy for me to think about is how different my lifestyle now is compared to what it was two years ago. If you told me I would like to spend Saturday night reading and studying 24 years I would call you crazy names but just crazy! But that's my new reality.
It's not that I do not enjoy going out and doing things socially, I'll do it! Many of you may not know about me but I love going out to eat, smoke sailing and try a new craft beer! But that's just not as much priority to me now. It's just crazy for me how about such a short time you can have two different ways to look at life. Two years ago, I was excited to live and have fun. Today, it's more about working to be the best possible version of me and how I can help improve the quality of life. Talk about differences in directions! Nevertheless, I'm happy how things are going because I know this is what's going to help me get where I want to go.
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