Good morning, my fellow bloggers I apologize for being a MIA for a few days. …

Good morning, my colleagues 😊

I apologize for being a MIA for a few days.
Last week I sat and thought about the next steps towards my weight loss goals and decided that I needed to make some changes.
As I have watched the @ 21daymeal plan – and although I have amazing results, I found myself eating only the same things every day. Most foods on the list I don't like to eat (thanks to being a candy eater) so while I recommend this program, unfortunately it is not what I have. I will probably go back and forth and try a week in the program here and there, but not as I have been trying to do. I've had far too many cheats after this lol and that's mostly because I'm bored.
Some of my friends had meticulously recommended #weightwatchers and after doing some research I decided to leave it. So wish me luck when I have another test on my talent trip

I have boundaries I'm going to achieve! I'm doing this for my lil nugget ❤️ he needs his mom 🤱🏼