I find it amazing what has changed with me. If you are 23 years old …

I find it amazing what has changed for me. If you lose 23 kg a month you will not see his results so much. But the pictures show exactly what has changed.
My best friend has ordered this beautiful dress and said fun "Schholüpf but only". I always thought the mermaid dresses didn't suit me because of the picture.
When I look at the picture and then the first picture, I have to admit that I can!

I would never have ordered the dress. Well, sometimes you just have to try it. It's the same with the trip.
I just tried it and changed 3 little things.
2-3 liters of water per day
1-2 x Powerfood per day
10 minutes workout a day
I'm so grateful for what has changed. The look is one. But my huge back pain is completely gone. My fatigue is gone.
The good thing is, every one of us can really

Just try it, it might be good 💪🥰😍 # evening sports #loveyourselfjourney
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