I've always had a pioneer heart and I was constantly getting myself in …

I've always had a pioneer heart and I was constantly getting myself into one business after another. .
In my defense, it was like trying on new shoes, sometimes having to walk for a few miles before deciding that they are not exactly right. . I tried to run my own photography company – hated the hours. .
I ran my own company footprint – had a lot of success but my heart wasn't there.
I did taste and hairstyle for formal events and for bridal parties – I still do this but just for fun now. .
I tried traditional MLM – I hated the cold weather and had to host a party that no one ever wanted to go. .
I never gave up trying on new opportunities though and that open mind has led me to the current job I love !! . .
I never expect a party. .
I set my own hours. .
🔥 Ido everything from my phone. .
🔥The return I see is directly connected to my efforts. .
🔥 I'm making more of my income, such as another company I tried to do. .
I don't even have to dress to make a living. .
The very best thing (except Moolah and free products) is a beautiful community of people I've met. It is legitimately hard to make friends as an adult and this company has introduced me to a new family of men and a woman who is perfectly in line with my vision and values. .
April saw so many of us introduce and I can't wait to celebrate all the results we are already seeing in May. .
Shake on the side hustle 🥂.
If this sounds interesting, great news is that we are hiring! But lets you connect if you are looking for an answer to financial freedom or an amazing community relationship or power to encourage and help others succeed in their healthy travels!
We are changing lives here, ya & # 39; ll 🙏🙌.
L xo
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