Have you ever eaten and eaten biscuits, chocolates or some chips, then you have …

Have you ever poured and eaten biscuits, chocolates or some french, thought, fill it, I've just spent my good week now and just gone out, only to look back and be guilty and annoyed with yourself , promise this Monday that you will start all over again, right? But the cycle repeats itself.

It's an all or nothing way of life. You are either all in, no bad food and exercise on site or dropping off a fitness center and eating all the food. Wheels often paint, does that sound good?

This unhealthy lifestyle not only achieves your weight loss goals, it creates an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, not to mention your own body.

This cycle often develops by not knowing how to include foods you love in a healthy, balanced diet that works toward your weight loss goals.

So you might find yourself forcing those salads or vegetables down, weakened by repeating the same meals over and over, then bingeing and feeling frustrated that you don't know what other healthy foods you might have, let alone how to keep balance your macro and get your calorie intake just before weight loss.

This can also lead to limiting thoughts about cutting down on food intake to make up for bingeing. If this sounds like you, don't worry, I have your solution!

Imagine never having to stress over food again. Eating foods you love, new foods you haven't thought about, feeling good, creating healthy relationships with food, all while working toward your weight loss goal without being yes!

It may seem impossible to know where to start and if you are not confident in nutrition, the best way is to work with someone who has the knowledge that can give you the tools to create healthy meals and balance your diet.

If you need to break out of this Yo-Yo, all or nothing cycle, drop me 🙋‍♀️ emoji here or DM me. Let's talk about what you need to start doing today to start losing weight and building a positive, sustainable relationship with yourself and your food.

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