If you think it is a mathematical formula for fat loss. There …

If you think it is a mathematical formula for liposome response. It's not alone.
That is the basics. You lose fat when you are in a calorie deficit. Let me explain.
Each bite of food you eat contains energy in the form of calories. Our body needs calories to work properly. But most of us consume more calories than we need every day. This creates excess calories or excess calories. Extra calories are stored as fat.

If the body does not receive calories, it must perform all the necessary actions, creating a calorie deficit.
When this happens, the body gets energy or fuel from stored fat. This is an extra fat that you carry on your stomach hips, thighs or other area.
How to create a deficit?
The best way to stay in a deficit is to combine diet and exercise. For example, 150 fewer calories can be eaten each day, and also 60 minutes of activity to burn another 150 calories. The total calorie deficit in this case would be about 300 calories.
Create your own calorie deficit by setting small goals and making small changes throughout the day. Follow the plan that you can meet and be sustainable and not run behind the imaginary diet you see in the market or social media. .
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