My different fasting experiences ⬇️⁣ ⁣ If you look at the stories …

My different fasting experiences ⬇️⁣

If you look at your stories that you know for the last few months or so, I've been experimenting with interruptions. ⁣

What is a fixed pause (IF) break? EF has chosen the amount of time you do not eat and fits your calories for the time you eat. ⁣

For me, I've started eating at. 12 and stop eating at. 20:00. I have been a bit flexible with it and if I go out or something I will set the time and start eating later so I can stop eating later.

I did not start with 16 hours fast I worked way up from 10 hours to 12 hours and now I will be at 16.

Why did I start IF? I wasn't hungry in the morning but the rest of the day I just wanted to eat but since I'm a lower calorie now, the issues I eat were not very adequate for me. But start getting rid of the problem with eating this morning because I don't need lunch and now I can eat larger meals. Smaller snacks that work for me, I don't have much talk. And now I feel the way happier and never real. ⁣

I have noticed significant changes in abdominal weight loss. Why? Because I don't go over my calories by talking and it's very manageable now to make sure I see it. ⁣

If it does not mean that you have given macrules. If you eat only for six hours a day and are just shooting food in your mouth, you are not making yourself some favors.

Please check below with some questions. I was trying to keep this short and sweet. Do you want me to do a deeper IGTV? .
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