Same pants, different woman. SWIPE right for more. Thinking back, I remember …

Same pants, different woman.

SWIPE right for more.

When I think back, I remember how proud I was of all my work.
I was only about a year into my fitness trip.
After a long time, I finally felt good in my own body.
I was at a weight that had been my comfort zone several times before.

Usually at that point I would let go.
But I knew I wasn't going to throw it all away. Not this time.

Something was different.
I was not in a temporary fix.
I knew I was in it all my life.

Have there been shocks since?
Hell yes!
Have I lost my mojo?
A few times.
Do I have more weight again?
Of course!

But I did not let these shocks out of control.
There was no way in hell I was ever going to let go as I had done.
I understand better.
My body deserves better.

In addition, I have the devices that have made a big difference.
It's become a lifestyle.
And the best part is that I don't feel like I'm missing out on all the stuff I used to put in my body and how I treated myself.
I am 35 years old at 36 and feel better than I ever did in my life.

How would you like to try running what is in the best shape of my life?
Continue on to my BIO and check out the link for the 2 week hike.
Or, you know, just a message to me.
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