️ Tuesday transformation ️ ⠀ Today I want to express the physical AND emotion …

❤️ Transformation Tuesday ❤️

Today I want to shed light on the physical AND emotional transformation of one of my favorite "challenge – turn coach" friends, Amanda !! 😊❤️

We talked for a long time before deciding she was ready to start. That she needed to make a change. She had all the protests I had myself; no time, too expensive, it does not work, nor motivated …. ⠀
That was right for ONE year. ⠀
Here's what she has to say now:

"This is NOT about losing weight. It's about losing the lifestyle and habits that got you there !!! Losing weight does not make you a better person, it only makes you lighter. It does NOT make you happier, smarter, more kind …. ⠀
When you …
Continue to focus on the PHYSICAL code you have so defined to define yourself and focus on fixing the MENTAL components that are holding you back
Begin to treat yourself with love and respect
👉 Stop beating yourself up for having this pizza slice 🍕 or cookie 🍪 because you wanted it … Your body will change. ❤️

The problem is not your body … it is not broken – your mind is. You are trying to fix wrong. Work hard for YOU and the others to take care of themselves. "

This is what I tell her now: said ya 😉❤️

Do you have any of these reservations too? We are here to tell you it will work, you CAN do this and you will never regret it. And you don't have to do it alone! Judge me for the details! ❤️