16. day You ever have one of these days when you wonder how much time you have …

Day 16

You ever have one of those days when you wonder how much time you have until your alarm goes off and you realize that your phone is dead and you missed your alarm clock! Yeah … it happened to me! Never have a good start on your third day (or any other weekday) when you must be ready to be ready for work!
Fortunately, my body woke me up at 4:50 am! So my 4 workout didn't happen … I could have let go. Yes. Did I? Nope! Every morning at 5 am, I check into my gym and nutrition groups and post daily, asking who got the exercise that day for a guarantee. What would it look like if I said sorry … it was a nuisance today so I let go.
No excuses! It won't always be comfortable. It won't always be easy. But I promise you it will always be worth it!
Think of your health and wellness as the biggest import meeting of the day in your appointment book … would you skip it?
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