Hey guys! I know I've been a little quiet here but I've been lying a bit …

Hey guys! I know I've been a bit quiet here, but I've been a bit (I've still been active on my personal account @miraclemotherhood if you care to follow it). It is important to disconnect kids. Social media is cool and everything but it can be toxic if you stick to it. Try to be PRESENT more. It's done a miracle for me. Remember that mental health is just as important as physical health. ❤️
Anyone who has sent me a message, here are answers to most of your questions. I hope this is helpful! (P.S. jeans and top are both from PacSun 😆)
1. Check out my YouTube channel "cristinadown100". Most of the questions you have about my trip can be found there, even what I eat on a typical day. I hope to record new videos soon.
2. My instructions (links to my biography) are basically 45 pages of weight loss methods (from meals, to grocery list, to 8 weeks of exercise to do at home). Yes, it works as long as you are ready to work!
3. My next diet regimen starts AFTER Thanksgiving. Enjoy the season and don't stress your food so much right now.
4. I did not undergo surgery, am 5 & # 39; 4 "and do not have lost skin simply because of my body type and genetics. There is no secret to this and how to avoid it.
5. How should I focus? I don't always. I fall off the wagon as much as any of you, but I just refuse to accept it and give up. Try again and you will always win ❤️. 😉 Comment below if you like this 💕
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