How to meet when you know what to do but can't stand the thought of going: …

How to meet when you know what to do but can't bear the thought of going:

You are struggling to get to the gym. You know what to do, you just feel like your motivation is running out and you can't seem to motivate yourself to want to go.

So you skip a day or two or three and judge yourself for knowing what to do, but that can't just come true. You feel shame because you feel like you should have the will to just go.

I understand. I've had so many days where I didn't want to go to the gym and some days I didn't, and then it felt like a crap about myself, even knowing that no one is perfect all the time.

Here are some things to help me get there when I just can't feel it.

1. Think about how it will make you feel and go through the workout. Exercise is shown to relieve stress, improve mood and increase energy. In addition to getting in and getting it done we will often feel a sense of accomplishment. We never regret going, no matter how hard it was to get there.
2. Change your physical condition to change your mental state – if you are generally in funk it can be extremely difficult to get up and get to the gym. Sometimes your feelings are stuck in your body. Try to get up, put on some music and have a little dance party. I think this can radically change my mood, making it easier for me to choose to do things I don't like doing.
3. Set a minimum. If it's 10 minutes, it's great. Go there, use your favorite music, and take in 10 minutes. If you want to continue after that, go for it! And if not … get there and sometimes it's important to be in the habit.

Motivation comes and applies to all of us, that is what makes discipline so important.

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