It's hard for me to get it. We browse social media, come up with some fitness methods …

It's hard for me to get it. We browse social media, come across some fitness model and think "I wish I had a body like this" But who are you kidding? People with a body like that are not like you, it has good genetics and something special and you don't. You start to feel that there is no hope that you look something like this … what's the point? Here's the truth that many fitness models you see on social media and go for extreme diets and exercise to get them very slim, not to mention that the images are airbrushed, lubricated and probably traded with photographs. ⁣

👊 It is the one you keep comparing yourself to not destroying your self-confidence but rather to preventing you from making positive changes in your own life. Comparing your body to a body model is like comparing bananas to a pear. They are both different in shape and size

✅ Start comparing yourself to the person you were yesterday. Remember that you are doing the work for. You work out, you eat right, you create positive habits for you, no one else. If you keep comparing yourself to others you will never be happy because someone always wants to have more, be better or look better than you, but if you start comparing who you were yesterday then you can always find joy in your progress.⁣

Hope this helps