HOW TO REMOVE all your hard work you put in this week on …

HOW TO REMOVE all your hard work you put in this week on weekends 🛑

How many weekends do you end up saying "fuck it, I'll just start again on Monday" ?? This was the story of my Life before! 🤦🏻‍♀️ As the weekend gets closer and closer, you get more and more anxious to think about how you're going to be on the right track ….. It's tiring!

All you want to be able to do is enjoy the weekend but they are overcome with stress, guilt and binge …. Can I give you my BEST tips to STAY with all the emotional turmoil !? Stop trying to be so damn perfect!

That's right, you heard me!

The more perfect you try to be, the more restrictions you put on yourself, the more rules you make yourself to follow, the MORE your consistency will be!

You are actually doing a service elsewhere by being so & # 39; perfect & # 39 ;. If you are & # 39; perfect & # 39; Monday-Thursday, then do it through Friday until the job ends … But make sure you break when you go out to dinner with your girlfriends and just can't stomach another salad ….. That means Friday is toast, why would you even try it on Saturday?

Then on Sunday? HA! Time to get ALL the food you can't have before you start again on Monday!

See how it works? Correlation goes from 100% to about 60% this weekend!

If you only allowed yourself to eat what you expected on a regular basis, then I guarantee that this sabotage would be FINISHED!

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