Many customers come to me believing they have to cut carbohydrates and eat fat to achieve …

Many customers come to me believing that they have to cut carbs and eat fat to reach their goal of weight loss

They believe that eating fat causes them to burn body fat

In fact, Rachel, my new client, came to me with this exact faith last week

During our lap time, she told me how she was ready to give up her favorite food (chocolates and pastries) and would even stop drinking wine. ”

So I asked her the question: ⁣

If you could have your body you want without giving up your beloved chocolate and wine would you still want to cut them from the diet ??

"Of course not! But I know I have to ban them from reaching my goal of weight loss."

"Well, you're not," I replied

I kept telling Rachel how I could set up her nutrition plan to include chocolates, croissants and wine, and WANT to lose unwanted inches and body fat. ”

She was happy with this (obviously)! ⁣

And you can do the same

Because eating more fat only results in burning more fat in your diet – the only way to burn BODY FAT is to eat fewer calories than you need (also low in calories) ⁣. And you can do it without cutting carbs (if you want). ⁣

Funny eating foods you love can actually lead you to better results because you can stick to your diet! ⁣

It will not be meek or tedious or full of food beyond the limits.⁣

If you want to get a smoother and healthier body you have dreamed about without giving up on your favorite food or living in the gym, send me a message and we will chat about getting you started.