When it comes to seriously researching the body and health care …. The eating habits have changed !!! …

When learning to take care of shape and health seriously …. The eating habits have changed !!! Because of good form and health It is only from eating.
Nat Fix Eating By Participating In A Complete Nutrition Plan And Having Nutritionists To Care For

Many people say that Nat is very active or not.
Nat said that ……. Nat doesn't practice much.
Nat practices very little, only 1-2 days a week. Because Nat himself can organize this much time

Fitness Not thin
And !!!! Exercise to get a muscle tight. And only firmware

The doll game has not yet reached the set goal. But think for a few months, definitely done

It is important that the health of the nuts is greatly improved. From the original measurement of cellular animals, such as people aged 46, but is now actually 30 years old. Fat% Nat from 33% decreased to 27% (request to reduce 10%). Stomach fat also decreased. (Many are not obedient, which means% fat and abdominal fat are low, must be checked.)

Fat people are not well-formed.
Slim people are not well-formed.
But the person who is in good shape, good proportion and low in fat is a good person

Now the ratio in the range of 33-25.5-36 is not the relevant ratio. But will try to the desired rate

Let's talk for everyone who wants to take care of their health and reduce fat together. This community is really valuable to us.

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