FAT loss takes time • Many people have sent me messages like "how can I get …

AT LOSS loss takes time🔥

🐣 Enough that people have sent me messages like "how can I reach my fitness goals after 4 weeks?" Or "I have a few weeks to get fit, any ideas?"

😉 It's like yes how about to start 12 months ago? You see, you are asking the wrong questions. You are impatient and it will NEVER work in this thing called exercise.

👊 This is not a quick-fix or 12-week program that will get you in shape. You may feel in shape, but let's see how you look 12 weeks after you finish that program. You've probably gained everything again ..

You don't just need a plan, you don't just need food. You need long-lasting HABITS and plans that will last you forever

Want to know why all my coaching skills are doing well in these fitness programs? Because we are not focusing on the result. We emphasize the journey, create habits and learning methods. That's what it's all about !!!!

You see, if information was the solution, you would already have your body. You know what to do. Strength, call in nutrition add time and voila. But the psychology and the real practice of the creative part are what you are not focusing on and what you should focus on.

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