Thank you to @bradschoenfeldphd for always introducing research articles on FADS !! …

Thank you to @bradschoenfeldphd for always presenting research experiences on FADS !! I love new science, but policies and fads can f-off. .
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Proper recovery from exercise is essential to maximize muscle mass gain. Several methods are intended to improve the recovery process. Cold water absorption is becoming an increasingly popular trend in this regard. Although some evidence suggests that it helps to reduce muscle delays, new research suggests that it is actually a counterbalance to muscle structure. This has been shown in long-term studies in which it affects muscle growth, as well as in acute studies of various factors needed to build muscle. Conclusion: If your goal is maximum muscle development, avoid CWI. There are some studies that show that fever can actually contribute to better recovery without compromising gainz (or even boosting tissue growth) but insufficient evidence so far for IMO to advocate a favorable strategy. 💪🏽