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Weight loss

I've always struggled with "weight loss". Dieting is just a very obnoxious word and nothing permanent. Here are my thoughts on dieting; what works for me; and how training your thinking is most important for success in almost everything, including losing weight. ⁣

1. Diet: It sucks. You are putting yourself into this temporary weight loss and when you get over it or quit it is most likely to bring you all back. All this efficiency, mate. Learn to change your habits (point 3). ⁣
2. I'm a beat ether. I have a month where I eat whatever I want and then I'm suddenly very aware of it. This is bad. This is just my struggle. I need CBT. Nevertheless – in the stages where I am determined, I change my habits back to being healthy. I'm away from junk, I eat more fruits and vegetables, I'm away from bread (well, from eating 4-5 breads in one frame – Afghan food needs bread). I don't eat fried food. I watch the amount of food I put on my plate. MOST IMPORTANT: I ​​stopped eating after 6pm. I never knew I was constantly fasting until I did. Fixed breaks are one of the best and easiest ways to lose weight. You still have to watch what you eat but if you do this in conjunction with healthy eating habits, HOT DAMN! (Drive – you will see results). More information on nutrition nutrition breaks in another post. ⁣
3. Training your mind is the best way. Losing weight is not torturing you. It is not to be away from all your favorite foods. It is learning moderation and management. It is learning to pick up good habits and slowly to clear the bad habits. Learn to think about the health benefits that will result from changes in daily food intake. Be positive and use positive reinforcement to help you with your weight loss. ⁣

If it has been a serious mistake in your life to lose weight, then I encourage you to see a nutritionist. They are trained to help you figure out a specific plan for you. ⁣