Unpopular view, but Monday is my favorite day of the week! Let's put some …

Unpopular view, but Monday is the favorite day of the week!

Let's set some plans for next week. • What is your commitment this week?
• What is your elastic goal?

My commitments (non-negotiable) for the week are … • Morning routine 5 days
• Consider 6 days
• Lift for 4 days
My goal with elastic is to get 80 ounces. of water 4 days this week.

You will notice that I give up a buffer. I do not aim for perfection. I really want to lift 5x a week and reach the morning routine, meditation and water goals every single day.

But I know life happens. I know sometimes – it's a hiccup. And I will not set myself up for failure.

I am setting commitments (these are different than goals – commitments are promises that will happen, no matter what) that I know I can tread if I make the plan.

And as I complete and possibly even exceed my commitments – I'm going to rejoice. And because I take pleasure in myself, my brain will let go of all those little happy things we love. And when that happens – your brain works with you to help you maintain the habit you are forming and creates a positive momentum that will keep you going and keep you committed to progress.

Psychology is my jam.
How to train your brain to help you move forward, tread limiting beliefs, defeat self-destruction, and turn you into a man who achieves all his goals – that's my specialty.

Because it is more than reaching your calorie goal today.
It's more than just one representative in the gym.

Achieving your goals will not happen if you are not turning your brain for that success.

So, tell me – what is your commitment and what is your goal for this week?

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