What would it take to have your own workout mat? You definitely don't need …

What would your own workout mat need?

You certainly don't need a workout mat to start a workout, but you need a mindset that is open to a new adventure.

Rewind 6 years ago, I lived in a dirty apartment, drank a thriving 7 nights a week and ate kfc more days but not. NO WORKING FOR FOOD IN IT.

I was happy then …. pour NO.

Was I scared of the thought of exercising let alone actually spend money on exercise equipment ….. HELL YES.

Definitely YES, afraid to change YES but desperate to bring the spirit of the case over-eaten and lack of movement.

If this sounds familiar, if you have dreams and hopes to change your lifestyle, then I want you to know that you can do this.

It is important to start SMALL, start by entering exactly the vision you want to see come true.

Maybe it is to be safe naked, maybe it is to control eating, maybe it is simply to find peace with the body image.

Whatever it is, whatever vision, get this pen on paper and move it from your mind to written Dignity. Write it in bold, write it more than ALWAYS, read it DOWN.

The moment you grab your vision, hold it on paper and share it quietly is the moment your journey to better health begins.

Vision that starts with paper will lead to reality. What is your vision? 😍
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