When was the last time you allowed yourself to feel this way? . I remember I …

When was the last time you allowed yourself to feel this way? 🔽
I remember growing up in a small town and the thought of being sexy was foreign to me.
It was scared of it
I could not express myself in the way that I felt feminine and sexy or else I was labeled as "whore" "slut" "wicked"
One of the women who made it look sexy was the women with "perfect" bodies, but the fact that I was not "horny" or "toned" made me feel sexy
I was taught to hide my body
Years of this caused me to be ashamed of my body
When I gained 70 pounds, I was even more ashamed of my body that I would hide it at all costs.
The summer … the period I used to love when I was a child became the period I feared because I would burn up in all the clothes I used to hide the body I was ashamed of.
This was the period that would cause me to be jealous when I saw other women with bodies I dreamed of … Bodies that they are not ashamed to bear.
Society made me feel like it wasn't okay to feel sexy.
But finding confidence in me has allowed me to express myself.
Trust has allowed me to feel feminine and sexy
Trust has enabled me to no longer be ashamed of the body I have
Trust has allowed me to carry on a body for which I have worked so much
Staying safe is not easy and it doesn't just happen when you lose weight
It takes work every single day
It makes you decide that your life will be what you do, not what everyone else does for you.
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