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🏖4 tips for getting your vacation ready🏖⁣

🏝 It's that time of year when everyone is going to the beach and going on vacation which means plenty of time for a good 'ole biking bod.⁣

🔥 Let's talk about how to get ready for the beach and make sure you look amazing

🍎 nutrition in control í
The 3 big check marks are … ⁣
✅ Calorie deficit
Átt High protein⁣
✅ Mainly whole foods⁣
Just follow the nutrition guidelines and you'll be on your way to the beach! ⁣

Don't do crazy crazy cardio, you need to be strength training. Enter the fixed 3-5 days / week and you'll be good to go. Go

Right now, this is what most vacationers decide to … ⁣
Deepen the carbohydrates⁣
Peel off the fats
🚫 Live on a treadmill⁣
🚫 Experience all the fun food ⁣
🚫 Damn near eating your own thumb⁣

❌ There is never a reason to go crazy crazy

Here, most people go south. Most people wait for 2 weeks for a holiday to “start a diet.” Just to be perfectly honest, nothing will happen in a few weeks. You should have started 6 months ago

Here Where You Have It, 4 Tips To Make Your Vacation Ready!

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