Aren't you making progress? Consider this ⠀ It is easy to become impatient and become …

Not progressing? Consider this 👇

It's easy to become impatient and worry about why you might not be losing fat.

Below is a list of the most common reasons why you may be hindering your progress.

1️⃣ Get more sleep! Getting 6-9 hours is crucial for health and efficiency.

2️⃣ Get more fiber, it helps you 💩 and is important for digestion and nutrient absorption.

3️⃣ Be hydrated! When you are dehydrated, your body retains water and is effective.

4️⃣Fat has 9 calories per gram! Makes it a calorie-dense partner. Olive oil has 120 calories in a tablespoon!

5️⃣ Protein is the most nutritious nutrient and it also boosts your metabolism due to high thermal effects!

6️⃣ Yes, doing too much cardio is detrimental to your progress. Do more resistance training and limit your heart rate to 2-4x per week.

7️⃣ Nuts, coconut oil, dried fruits are nutritious but are high in calories! So keep track of your doses.

8️⃣ Are you tracking correctly? Be accurate with your calculations.

9️⃣ Eating highly processed carbohydrates tops insulin and therefore blood sugar. Eat more complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, beans, vegetables and legumes legumes. It will keep your blood sugar steady and prevent the peaks of hunger.