Just want to honor all the mothers today and thank God for establishing them …

Just want to honor every mother today and thank God for the creation of a woman. What you do for your family, children, and husband is selfless love. I am truly blessed and grateful to be celebrating my birthday and Mother's Day with these two women who love me.

Thanks to my mom who raised me, who taught me to respect a woman, who showed me that a woman does not serve to serve a man, but to help and work hard with her partner.

To my wife, best friend and partner of life @ r3coachcrystal, thank you for the love you show to me and Jonas every day, for your inspiration to dream big, for your support and encouragement, for the love you have for our Savior Jesus Christ.

The greatest love of all is Christ. Thank you Jesus for the life I get to live, experience your love from mother and wife☝️