Member Spotlight !! Our great partner, Camille, participated in January @ b …

Member Spotlight !! Our great partner, Camille, joined our KICK START in @balanced_habits in January. Not only did she lose 20 pounds, she also started a running / walking program with her husband !! Read Camille's story below! (Psst … You can still sign up for May KICK START:

"I signed up for KICK START because I was looking for weight loss that promoted a healthy diet. More than anything I wanted to have a lifestyle change, not a diet. .

I love my results! During the 28-day schedule, I lost 12 pounds. After completing the program, I signed up for the LIFE program and lost an additional 8 kg, dropping from the polar size and trouser size. Now I can wear clothes in my closet that I haven't worn in years! Although I am excited for weight loss, I have also noticed that my fitness level has improved too! I feel stronger during gym hours and have started hiking / running with my husband. My family has been very supportive of my lifestyle changes. The KICK START recipes offer a wide variety and are so good that even my husband eats the healthy meals I cook. I even told a friend at work about the program and she signed up in May!

One of the great things about KICK START is that it is easy to follow. It is very useful to have one and one coach [food]. My coach, Symonne, was short, inspiring and gave me great advice. I've found that I am aware of my dosage now and continue to make a healthy diet. In fact, I quickly spend a week off with my family and find that I will be able to maintain my healthy diet.

For anyone considering KICK START, I'd say give it a try. It only takes 21 days to build up a habit that will last a lifetime and you have nothing to lose by taking the plunge on this cleanup program. "

Now the series is up to you! Join our May KICK START program to get healthy!